March 29-31, 2017
The Warwick Hotel – Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia

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Operational Excellence for Life Sciences Summit Agenda

Change the dynamic in your workplace to ensure sustainability and the future of your business transformation!Join us at the summit and learn best practices to chan ...

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A Perspective to Lean On

Jim Bowie, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, discusses the unique culture of the pharmaceutical industry and why companies struggle to implement lean strategies. Jim is the author of ‘Lean Acres: A Tale of Strategic Innovation and Improvement in a Farm-iliar Setting.”

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Emergence: The Future of Operational Excellence

Find out how leading practitioners and businesses are positioning themselves for success in PEX Network’s exclusive report “Emergence: The Future of Operational Excellence.”

A Journey of Continuous Improvement - Marvin Raymundo

Marvin Raymundo, SVP, Operational Excellence and Enterprise Program Management Operations, Banc of California, speaks to Andrea Charles from the PEX Network about 2017's operational challenges and moving operational excellence from being simply project-driven into a journey of continuous improvement ...

Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement - Bruno Moura, Sonae Sierra

Bruno Moura, Continuous Improvement Manager, Sonae Sierra, talks to the PEX Network about adapting to new business needs and the importance of talent management when creating a culture of continuous improvement.

BPM Trends What's Next? - Robert Hutter, Founder and CEO, PROLOGICS

In this PEX Network interview Robert Hutter, Founder and CEO, PROLOGICS, speaks about the importance of IT awareness and what's next for business process management (BPM).

2017 OPEX Industry Insight Survey Report

We surveyed operational excellence professionals in the life sciences industry on the current state of affairs to gain insight into investment areas, challenges, and current priorities within their company.

OPEX Industry Insights Package

Here from top industry experts on ensuring strategic focus for process excellence, process challenges and new rapid methods of process mapping and measurement, and spectrum health on embedding patient centricity into performance improvement.

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What is OPEX?

There are some flowery academic definitions that really don’t mean much and there are opinions that are more examples than definitions. So, what it is?

Are You Really Ready to Make A Change?

Although leadership often knows there is a need for change, frequently it starts with an unclear vision of the change, poor planning, and unclear communications to initiate the change process on the part of the management group.

3 Process Change Tactics to Trigger Action

You and your team have slaved through a grueling several months designing a process improvement. It’s now Monday morning, time to start a rollout. How the heck are you going to get everyone to begin following the new process rules?