Operational Excellence and key methods such as, Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, and QbD have been widely adopted by the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industry. Pharma companies and Biotechs are constantly looking for new, improved methods and techniques to streamline their business processes with the aim of reducing cost, while maximizing output. To ensure that their bottom lines remain solid, they are looking to increase the efficiency of their operational processes—optimizing resources, improving efficiency, reducing waste, and controlling inventory while consolidating each department working toward a corporate operational excellence plan.

In order to take the next steps in your corporate strategy, bring your peers and seamlessly transition each discipline into a cohesive plan!

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Highlights for 2017:


Value Stream Mapping


Process Simulation and Modeling


Changing your Corporate Culture


Change and Knowledge Management- Tangible Lessons about Transferring Knowledge between People and Projects


Back Office Focus- Shared Services, Finance, IT


Data Warehousing to Improve the Quality of Your Data and Optimize Targets


Improving Short and Long Term Performance Metrics


Focus on Process Improvement in Clinical and Transaction Phases (Using Lean Six Sigma to Pinpoint Process Weaknesses and Identify Lasting Improvements)


Managing Bottlenecks Through the Theory Of Constraints


Adopting Cross-Industry Best Practices


Operational Excellence Versus Operational Innovation

New Formats:

Interactive Sessions

Cross-Industry Interactive Roundtables- Finance, Retail, Insurance and Automotive focused roundtables will give the Life Sciences industry a chance to not only benchmark, but adopt best practices

Real Situation Analysis

Process Simulation Roundtables- “What if Scenarios” created for each department to fine tune your action plan

ISO Technical Committee

Coaching Breaks- Join our High Level Roundtables for Corporate OpEx leaders

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Private Consultations- Receive a one-on-one 15 minute consultation with a private consultant

Networking Opportunities

OpEx Afterhours (OPeration EXplore) - Explore Philadelphia with our walking tour itinerary after a long day of content driven sessions. See the whole city or pick and choose your roadmap toward relaxation before enjoying dinner near an historical landmark

Who should attend?

C-Levels, Department Heads, Vice Presidents, Directors, Lead, Principal and Managers:


Lean Six Sigma Expert/Trainer


Master Black Belt


Black Belt/Green Belt


Six Sigma Black Belt


Lean Leader


Continuous Improvement


Operational Excellence/ OPEX


Operations Coordinator


Performance Excellence


Process Excellence


Process Improvement/Enhancement


Process and Culture Excellence


Performance Management


Business Process


Business Improvement Specialist


Strategic Process Optimization


Lean Six Sigma


Clinical Quality Assurance/Control


Clinical Outsourcing — Planning and Vendor Management


Implementation Lead


Strategic Business Development/Operations


Project/Study Management/Project Planning


R&D Operations, Research


Clinical Trial Capacity Planning/Management


Clinical Compliance


Clinical Safety




Sales & Marketing






Shared Service Effectiveness




Metrics and Benchmarking Development


Global Strategic Operations

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